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Darley Ford Quarry Quality Granite Supplies

Granite supplied to trade and domestic customers

Family owned since 1979, Darley Ford Quarry is situated between Launceston and Liskeard in South East Cornwall and is close to Bodmin Moor. We provide a full range of granite products across the South West of England and further afield.

No job too small or too large!

Please browse our site for examples of our products and contact us to discuss your specific requirements. (Granite is an inherently variable material and some tonal variations may occur from time to time.)

We supply granite from our own quarry at Darley Ford and also stock a range of granite from other quarries - all competitively priced.

Products available from our own quarry here in Cornwall include:

Granite building stone, random cropped granite, granite rockery stone, granite walling stone and granite facing stone, granite feature stones, granite boulders and granite cobbles.

We also stock granite quoins, granite lintels, granite gateposts, granite setts, granite kerbs, granite steps, granite cobbles, granite fireplaces, granite paving, granite signs, granite bird baths, granite benches, granite garden ornaments, granite garden furniture, granite troughs, granite water features, granite memorials, including headstones, granite tablets and granite benches - hand cut lettering available. Additionally, we are able to supply polished granite.

We have large quantities of granite materials available for immediate delivery.

Our Cornish random cropped granite is a natural split stone that has been placed under a hydraulic machine and pressure applied through a multi-blade cropping machine to split to the required size. Our Cornish granite hedging and rockery stone is available from a hand-picked selection.

Granite products are available in a variety of finishes including:

  • Bush-hammered granite finish - produced by a pointed head mechanical hammer that roughens the surface of stone with a variable finish dependent on the size of hammer-head used.
  • Rough punched granite finish is achieved by hand or machine and produces a rustic finish.
  • Fair-picked and fine-picked granite offers a finish similar to bush-hammered.
  • Honed granite gives a smooth unpolished finish.
  • Flamed or thermal heat treated granite provides a textured finish.
  • Cleaved granite is split granite.